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The Mystery of Darryl Twain, Shania Twain’s Little Brother

Darryl Twain is the brother of the well-known country music icon Shania Twain. While Shania Twain has achieved immense success and fame in the music industry, her brother, Darryl, lives a very private life.

Darryl is the youngest of her brothers. Her mom, Sharon, and her second husband, Jerry Twain, adopted him when he was young.

Shania Twain also has two biological sisters from her mom’s first husband and a brother from her mom’s second marriage, Mark Twain.

Darryl was originally Jerry Twain’s nephew. Jerry and Sharon decided to adopt him after he lost his Mother.

Jerry and Darryl Twain are of Ojibwe descent— a group of indigenous people in Canada and North America.


Darryl Twain’s Legal Issues

Darryl has made several headlines in the past due to his legal issues.

On August 21, 2003, the Edmonton Police Service arrested Darryl and two other men while driving.

The police discovered 170 spitballs of crack cocaine worth C$7000 (US$5600) of rock cocaine concealed in their vehicle.

Their Pontiac Grand Am matched the description of a vehicle involved in a gunshot from the previous month.

An article written by theglobeandmail.com back in August 2004 confirms that one of three men, Darryl Twain, was arrested during an Edmonton drug bust by the police. The arrest of Darryl made international headlines at that time. 

The court released Darryl on bail, and every attempt to reach him failed. The publicist for Shania Twain, Tyson Parker, located in Toronto, couldn’t comment on the case.

However, the identity of the other two men – Jason Bernard Logan (Darryl Twain’s in-law) and his brother Franklin Julian Logan- was revealed months later.


What Happened After the Arrest?

After the police arrested Darryl and the other men, they charged them in court.

However, on April 29, 2005, Darryl gained his freedom. The judge threw out the police evidence after ruling the officers had unlawfully detained Darryl, failed to read him his rights, and only later found drugs.

According to the judge, Justice Eric Macklin, “The breaches of the accused’s Charter rights were serious, if not egregious, and I am persuaded that the admission of the evidence, in this case, would bring the administration of justice into greater disrepute than would its exclusion.”

Robbin Eggar featured Darryl’s arrest and release in his book Shania Twain: The Biography.

Darryl Twain's arrest and release
Photo source: Shania Twain: The Biography


What Happened to the Other Two Men?

Photo of Jason Bernard Logan, Darryl Twain’s in-law.
Photo credit: sootoday.com

The Judge also charged and sentenced Jason Bernard Logan and Franklin Julian Logan.

In February 2006, Jason Bernard Logan vanished while on day parole. The police immediately issued a Canada-wide search warrant. On April 13, 2006, they spotted him near Dubreuilville in Ontario as a passenger in a car stopped for speeding.

Logan ran into the bush west of the highway after the police questioned him about some handgun ammunition found in the vehicle.

After a thorough ground and air search for him, the police spotted him two days later.

When they approached him, he ran away, and after a short foot chase, they found his lifeless body between the cars of a halted train.

Darryl twain in-law found here
The spot where police found Jason Bernard Logan’s dead body.
Photo credit: sootoday.com

Jason Logan died on the spot. The Ontario Provincial Police recorded the cause of his death as “a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

The police released his brother, Franklin Logan after he finished serving his sentence for the drug charges case. Ever since then, no one has heard from him.


Where is Darryl Twain Now?

While Shania Twain has enjoyed enormous popularity and success in the music business, only little information is available about her brother, Darryl.

After his arrest in 2003, the media hasn’t received any information about him from a credible source. There is no photo of him either, anywhere on the internet.

Robin Eggar also mentioned in his book, Shania Twain: The Biography, that “Darryl spent a few years drifting but then appeared to have settled down in Edmonton; he married his girlfriend and started raising a foster baby”.

Despite the limited information available, it is evident that Darryl Twain comes from an influential and gifted family—all thanks to his sister, Shania Twain.


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